Northwest Rotary Club community service and business networking meets at Sushihana

 1810 NW Military Hwy San Antonio, TX  Thursdays at 12:00 noon.  Call Us (210)576-5475        Email Us


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Northwest Rotary is a service club located in San Antonio, Texas.  We are a group of professionals and community-minded individuals who support local and international charities and service projects.  We are affiliated with Rotary International.  We meet for lunch each Thursday at Sushihana on  1810 Northwest Military Highway.  Guests are welcome to join us.

• a Rotarian is a person who digs wells from which he or she won't drink...

• a person who vaccinates children he or she will never meet...

• who restores eyesight for those he or she will never see...

• who builds housing he or she will never live in...

• who educates children he or she will never know...

• who plants trees he or she will never sit under...

• who feeds hungry people regardless of color, race or politics...

• who makes crawlers into walkers halfway around the world...

• who knows real happiness can only be found by serving others!

 Courtesy of the Fort Wayne, New Jersey Rotary Club

What is a Rotarian?

Upcoming Events at Northwest Rotary

  • Be our guest for lunch this Thursday
  • Meet  local professionals
  • Find out what Rotarians are doing to make a difference in the world
  • Get the latest updates on our community
  • Find out how YOU can get involved!

Community Service

Rotarians contribute to the Salvation Army, Morgan's Wonderland,, our scholarship fund, international projects and Rotary International. How can you help? Buy a limited-ticket raffle for a chance for a trip to this year's FINAL FOUR. Second Prize is a trip to NYC to see Hamiltion!  Buy tickets 

Looking for away to get involved in your community with like-minded professionals?  

High School students in the San Antonio area can now apply for scholarships for the next academic year.  DEADLINE IS February 10, 2018

.Click here for applications

It's Scholarship Time